Trident Safety are experts in Dangerous Goods consulting, management and packaging. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

About Us

Trident Safety has partnered with shippers, carriers, and receivers of Dangerous Goods for over 25 years, supporting our clients across the globe with expert on-site and/or remote consulting services, resulting in complete compliance and peace of mind.

A wholly owned Irish company established in 1990, we deliver leading edge training courses covering Dangerous Goods Transportation and HazMat, across the 3 major modes of transport. As a dynamic, fast-paced company, we support the safety of aviation, road, and sea shipments through our professional and experienced team of advisers, consultants, and trainers.

Effective, efficient, and cost-efficient Dangerous Goods (DG) management requires deep knowledge of the increasingly complex National and International regulatory environments and solid experience in this detailed field of expertise. Trident’s expert teams are led by the managing director Richard Walsh.

Trident's Philosophy

Work With The Best

It may be a simple catch-phrase but to us this simple sentence converts into how we see ourselves and as importantly; it’s how our clients see us. How we act and how we respond to basic and complex situations with confidence sets us apart from our competition and that’s where we like to be. Expertise in any field is the result of understanding the value of good honest hard work, deep knowledge can follow only with experience.

Focus On The Details

We work in a challenging environment dealing with complex areas of international legislation; our knowledge of the detail within is what we have built our business upon. Legislation changes constantly, different local rules apply in territories. We have spent years looking at the sometimes strange and unusual local differences which exist in shipping DG and we can say with confidence that no matter where your goods are destined, we know the issues and have solutions. Detail has saved our clients money, our advance knowledge has lead to product launches sooner than our client’s competition and has ensured the long term viability of our client’s products on the market. Our focus on the detail helps our clients see the big picture clearly.

Contribute to Bring Value

Our goal is to bring value to our clients. We achieve this by easing compliance. One of our focus tag lines; “Compliance without Complication”. We ask, how much benefit is it to an organisation to take on a consultant whose report then needs to be deciphered? Not much in our opinion. We aim to remove all the unnecessary and give what is actually needed, we don’t expect our clients to be experts, that’s our job. We bring clarity. As a company, as individuals, as team members, as business partners we aim to contribute to the overall success of each and every project, product, client and key contact with whom we work. We achieve this by ensuring the support our clients receive represents the best available. We at all times appreciate that our contribution to our clients success rests with the quality of the work we do.


We at all times conduct our business dealings with honesty and integrity, our clients know and appreciate that our word is our bond and we will never compromise our integrity in the way we deal with people. We will act with all due care and diligence, we will always deal with all people with whom we come into contact with respect and courtesy. We understand that trust is earned by our actions as individuals and as representatives of our company. We know that we need to work hard to maintain the trust our clients have in us.

Have Fun

We work in a demanding role as advisors to clients with global reach. We appreciate that this can also be fun, it is always challenging, but there needs to be a sense of fun too. For us to grow as a company, to make sure we attract and keep the best people to work as part of our team we feel it is important to be good at what you do but as importantly we want our people to enjoy what they do. It is up to all of us to inject a little fun into our daily working lives and we can bring that sense of fun to everything we do.

Be The Odd One Out

Huh? The world would be a grey and dull place if we were all the same, well here we appreciate differences. We like that people do things differently and it takes courage to be different. Different gets things done, it shakes up our pre-conceptions, it challenges us to re-think, it allows us to weigh up different approaches and takes us outside our comfort zone. Comfort spells complacency, difference speaks innovation. Did we mention this can be fun ?

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